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I'm so proud to share with you that a feature film I'm in, The Sound of Settling is available free on Amazon Prime!

In this feature film about stale relationships and our inability to call it over when it's over, I play the self-absorbed, ever-so-slightly bitchy Claire. In the film I throw myself an epic Luau birthday party, try to steal another girls boyfriend, and get unapologetically trashed. I got to walk around as the hostess-with-the-mostess in this epic Hawaiian outfit for DAYS on end and I couldn't be happier!

We had such awesome female talent directing and producing The Sound of Settling, and I'm really grateful to not only be in front of the camera, I also co-produced and cast this film. 

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Nothing seems to be going right as the bridesmaids and groomsmen try to keep their friend's wedding day from going off the rails. Uptight bridesmaids, total meltdowns, strippers who were definitely not supposed to be at the bachelor party - this slapstick comedy has it all. 

"Enough Room" is a social impact comedy following the journey of Cristina Romo, a successful Latina living in Los Angeles. Despite her random encounters with racism, Cristina loves life in the City of Angels. She also believes she may have found a potential partner in Ben Ciccone, but when they finally meet in person, a single provocative remark suddenly turns their romantic date on its head, forcing Cristina and Ben to navigate the issues of race, tolerance, and what it truly means to hold your own integrity in the face of adversity.

Upcoming Festivals

  • Stage 32 Short Film Contest

    • Finalist

  • BronzeLens Film Festival

    • (Oscar Qualifying Festival)

  • Georgia Latino International Film Festival

    • Finalist

  • San Francisco Latino Film Festival

  • Atlanta Women's Film Festival

    • Nominated for Best Comedy, Best Director, and Best Actress


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