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The BRIC Foundation

Stacy is the producer for the BRIC Foundation Annual Entertainment Industry Summit, working closely alongside top professionals at Netflix, Sony, Dreamworks, Warner Bros Discovery, Disney, and more to create equitable pathways for women and underrepresented groups.

Netflix hosted the BRIC Summit in February. The Summit brings together thought leaders and decision-makers from some of the largest entertainment studios to make our industry more equitable.

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The 2022 Summit was held completely virtually, highlighting speakers including Ludacris, Aldis Hodge, and Kim Williams. Audience members create actionable solutions in breakout groups after each panel, which has led to industry-wide changes, including studios waiving college requirements for entry-level jobs, and the creation of the first state- and federally- recognized animation apprenticeship.

BRIC Foundation has one main goal: to increase representation in Entertainment, Gaming, Media, and Tech. BRIC strives to Break, Reinvent, Impact and Change the foundations of these businesses and create inclusive opportunities for women and underrepresented people to be successful.

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